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Hostmonster – Award Winning Web Hosting

Web hosting takes time, not only for the provider but the client, as there are several considerations that one must make before choosing to sign the future of their site to a given host. As such anyone trying to determine which is the best host provider around has to take into consideration the risks that will be incurred with the making of an erroneous decision regarding the firm whose servers will play host to a given website. For some the answer is simple, finding the best host provider out there and hoping all the hype was accurate, as a hostmonster review might say.

Not that all the hype aimed at hostmonster is completely uncalled for, with the firm having been in the hosting game and providing hosting services to a wide variety of individuals and companies for thirteen years now, since its inception in 1996. Host monster admittedly has quite a lot to boast about, not merely its continuously monitored quad opteron servers or hostmonster 3.95 coupon scheme, but a pretty impressive record with regards to its data center, hostmonster features such as uptime and support capabilities some of the most praise worthy in the business.

Additionally host monster web hosting has displayed an ability to execute its functions optimally without the requirement of outsourcing services to contend with its rising load, due to the surges in popularity it is experiencing in some sectors of the market. Terms like Hostmonster – Award Winning Web Hosting might sound out place for a service that only offers a single hosting plan, though the VPS features at surprisingly favorable hostmonster pricing might explain its popularity despite the lacking diversity, Not just that it offers the best and most reliable cPanel web hosting service available.

Bluehost is a sister company of Hostmonster. Both are owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). They offer similar hosting plans and in fact their servers are housed in the same data centers. Here is the latest Bluehost promotion.

When trying to pin down the true gem behind hostmonster.com, most would choose to describe it as a complete package, with its myriad of features including unlimited domain hosting that supports clients with multiple sites. Host monster best qualifies its award winning reputation by making available features such as:

  • Unlimited hosted domains
  • Best cPanel in the industry
  • Shell Access web hosting
  • Reliably available customer support systems (no outsourcing)
  • Popular money back guarantee scheme
  • Free domain name
  • Site builders
  • Site promotion mechanisms
  • So much more (some might even appreciate the $75 credit awarded to one’s Google, Bing or Yahoo account).

A good alternate to Hostmonster is A2hosting. Here’s the best Discount code a2hosting.com.

The home of host monster’s powerful services can be imputed to its data center in Utah in America, with its advanced server technology (intel Xeon quad core, synchronous optical networking), OC-48 backbone network connections, with incredible data transfer speeds ensured using SONET systems. The servers are protected from potential outages and thus downtime using universal power systems, with professional staff assigned the task of providing 24/7 monitoring of the server systems in the case of erroneous occurrences, with preventative and backup measures crafted to counter any failures that might occur.

Hostmonster pricing is very affordable. Every dollar that you spend on your hosting is worth the service that your receive back. Another very affordable web host is GoDaddy. It offers a ange of hosting solutions including cloud and managed wordpress hosting. Visit this site for best Godaddy discount coupon.

Of course there are those users unsettled by the single hosting plan, host monster makes available with its one package a diversity of features all at an affordable and considerably justifiable price for the value provided, including but not limited to wordpress, ruby on rails, unlimited Email accounts, unlimited bandwidth and space, free online stores and more.

Indeed Hostmonster hosting really justifies the awards and honors that it has received. The other few web hosting companies that have earned the loyalty of customers include Siteground and Hostpapa. You may gain access to the deals offered by Siteground on the following link – Siteground offer. Hostpapa also runs occasional promotions and deals, you will find the best and active Hostpapa promo here.

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